Friday, 17 March 2017

Being A Protagonist Means.......

Have you ever had a dream that you thought you would never achieve because of a flaw? I have explored a protagonist named Vincent who this exact problem, causing him to go to extreme measures. I also examined a young character named Matt who had a different problem with his life, but it was similar. Both Matt and Vincent were being criticized, limited and shot down for reasons they could not even control.

In Gattaca, Vincent was chasing his dreams no matter what, whereas in the house of the scorpion matt discovers himself and overcomes the biggest challenge he has with himself. Matts big issue was that he was being shot down and criticized because he is a clone, whereas Vincent is having dreams crushed because he is a godchild. Basically, they both were being limited, in Matt's case for being a clone and in Vincent’s case for not being a clone. Although both Vincent and Matt are protagonists they have their differences. Vincent starts off the story with a family that loves him but they eventually stop believing in him, then he has no family by his side. Matt starts the story with no family but then gain family members as the story goes on gains way more people in his life that believe in him and want to help him.

In the house of the scorpion, I think that Nancy Farmer was trying to communicate that we are all God’s children, and we should not be separated and discriminated for biological reasons. This is so important for our everyday society because there are many different ways people can be hated on. People are treated unfairly for many things whether it's, race, religion, culture and endless reasons. In Gattaca the message was that was being suggested is your dreams can become reality, but it just depends on how hard your work for them. In both stories, the protagonists resolved these two conflicts that were set upon them. The only reason they were able to do this is because they worked hard to do it.

Being a protagonist means that you resolve a conflict that portrays a message, in which usually connects to our everyday lives. In the movie, Gattaca and the book House of the Scorpion both of the protagonists resolve some kind of these conflicts.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Farm Patrol V.S Donald Trump!?!

"Mexico will pay for the wall. 100%- Donald Trump. They don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall."- Trump Trump is attempting to block immigrants from six different Muslim countries from entering the united states. He plans for zero arrivals from refugees into the United States, he has even cancelled a resettlement organization for Syrian refugees. he has also demanded a building of a wall on the U.S. Mexican border, in his hopes of stopping the flow of immigrants from the south. Trump is not going to let specific people into the country, just like the farm patrol is not going to let specific people into San Luis. The farm patrol is just like a border security they guard from Aztlan to Opium and the U.S.”What kind of work do you do? Asked one of the border guards” this connects to Trump’s quote "It's our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us” Because he only wants immigrants who can help the United States with specific types of work and only people who have a job to do. 
Another quote from the book that creates to one of Trump's outrages statements about immigration is “oho! we have an aristocrat here” this connects to how trump likes to paint all of the people in a religion with the same brush. What this means is that trump thinks that everyone in a religion is the same. There are also examples of this in the earlier part of the story “all clones aren't even people” “matt is not even a real person” this shows how much we (including trump) categorize people just because of religions, ETC and not because of personalities. Another way I think that trump is connected to the book is how much he has in common with EL patron. They both rule a country and they both don't want specific people coming into their country. They both are selfish and poetry themselves as selfish ignorant people.

Although this book is not non-fiction it has so many great connections to the real world we live in. One of those connections I thought was how much trump connects to the farm patrol and other people in the book such as EL patron. Most of the connections in the book I made with were evil things about evil people, but what can you do when your topic is on Donald Trump?

Monday, 6 March 2017

What it means to be treated unfairly

What do you think of when you think of worldview When I think of world view I do think of the world's perspective on things but I also think of people's personal view on things as well. This is why I believe that in the book there are many examples of equality with others. Equality with others (in my opinion) means what people think of others and how people act towards others. Is it in a negative way? is it in a mean way? is it unfair or unethical? or is it even in a way that makes it seem like someone is more important than another? Worldview also means Are all people equal, or do some people deserve special privileges? Are some people or groups naturally better than others? 

In the book,I think the worldview that connects most to matt is equality with others. Throughout matt gets treated so unfairly, and just because of a simple thing he has no control over, and it has even gotten to the point where he even thinks there is something wrong with him. They call him a beast they treat him like an animal and they even treat him like he has no brain, which he does not like other clones. El patron also thinks that he is better than pretty much everyone else in the book and he deserves special treatments and abilities because he is rich and powerful. He thinks he can just have a clone with a brain for no reason, just because he can? He is selfish and does not care about matt and the others. This is super unfair to matt because he is just being used for the better of another person, and he does know it too which makes it even worse for matt. 

 I think what nancy farmer is trying to communicate with this complication is that we should treat people the same way we would want to be treated no matter what. In the future of the book, I can predict that something might happen to make the people treating matt like this stop. Something like a certain reveal of Matts true importance/meaning or a change in events revealing matt to have a certain power over others. If something like this happens to Matt it will make them respect him. People in the story will most likely begin to respect matt or something else extremely drastic will happen in the future of the story.  

Friday, 24 February 2017

Good v.s Evil

What makes somebody evil? what makes someone good? can someone be both at the same time? in the house of the scorpion, there are many examples of someone that is good and evil at the same time.  When someone is evil it means that they think of having bad intentions and do bad things, but if someone has good intentions but does good things they are not evil. The same thing goes if someone has bad intentions but ends up doing something good, THEY ARE STILL EVIL!!!!!!

 In a situation where someone is thinking of doing something the right way but executes it the wrong way the person could have done something differently but they did not think about what they were going to do. In a situation like matt is in the book where everyone thinks that he killed Furball Matt is not evil in this situation. When someone is evil they know what they are doing to make them evil and there aware of what their trying to do. If someone is trying to do something good but it ends up doing it so it looks like they did it intentionally, this was a mistake not being evil. In some circumstances people can be both evil and good, two faced. An example of this in the house of the scorpion is tom, he acts all good and like he is such a good kid infant of any adult, but once it turns to just him and other kids he is almost the complete opposite. The other kids even said that “everyone trusted tom because he has such and open, innocent face.” 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

House of the scorpion first 100 pages blog post

From the first sentence of the book I could infer some things about the future of the book, I could also come up with questions about it. One of the questions being what are those "thirty six droplets of life" that Eduardo was dealing with? this one question lead to so many different theories about the future of the book my theory from the start of the book was that maybe he is dealing with a group of animals or a group of little kids, unfortunately my theory was incorrect. This first sentence lead to so many different out comes of the book, like why matt is so important because he was the only clone left! and that el patron was so important he needed 36 clones of him! later on in the book we learned that matt was taken to a dungeon, where he was treated with so much disrespect it was like he was a chicken. But why was matt rated with this disrespect? we found out that matt was a clone and that being a clone was not something to be proud of. It turns out that matt is actually really curios and very bright, but people can't accept him for who he is because he is a clone. When i was reading these first 50 pages there was many things I could infer and answers about them. Some of the things i was confused about when reading the first 50 pages, why is matt an eejit? why is matt living in a house alone? why can't matt interact with other kids ?  Are all of these questions simply answered because matt is a clone ? the sad part is.......... yes. 

The first 50 pages were sort of confusing to to me, but as soon as i finished reading the first 100 pages my confusion was settled.  In the second fifty pages it was evident that clones were not well respected and I did not and still don't really get why. In our everyday society there are many stupid reasons why people are not respected, in the future could being a clone be one of them?

Friday, 10 February 2017

the scorpion project introductory blog post

This project looks like it will be very interesting, because I read the synopsis of the book and it seems very interesting. I already have questions about the book! why was Matteo harvested? is there something special about Matteo? Why do most consider him a monster? I am very exited to answer these questions and come up with more, I am also excited to see what future projects are in store for this book. Although i am very exited to read the book i have some concerns, one of them being that i don't read very fast so i could catch myself behind everyone else, and I can become very uninterested in a book very quickly so this can make me fall even further behind.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Happiness is something that is created

“The most beautiful sight in the world is a child going confidently down the road of life after you have shown him/her the way- Confucius Be it resolved that children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited in order to effectively prepare them for adulthood”. This is a statement that most people have varying opinions on. There are three positions to this statement that can be varied. The first opinion is believing that kids need stop living in a fantasy at some point in their life, in order for to live a long, happy and fortunate life. Also there is the opinion that states that life is all about surprises. If your life is planned out then your life will be miserable. Happiness is not created from a job that gives you a lot of money, a mansion or a nice car. Happiness means love, being creative and finding a passion that supports your future. The third opinion on this statement is in the middle of those two statements.The people who agree with this believe that kids need a childhood and it's important for a child success,, but I additionally believe that at some point kids need to grow up. The statement we are exploring is so important because it can help kids open their eyes and perceive that they don't need to grow up to live a happy life, or help kids realize that they do need to grow up to be successful.

I personally don’t believe that kids should not have a childhood, but I also do believe that kids need stop living in a fantasy at some point in their life, in order for to live a long, happy and successful life. Parents have a huge part in their kid’s childhood, and they love to tell them crazy stories, read them whimsical books, parents never want this to end. But if they don’t let this end, their child won't be prepared for adulthood, their mind won't be developed yet for adulthood. Happiness is something that is created. If you spend you whole life planning for something you are not passionate about your life would be miserable. Life is all about surprises. If your life is planed out and you can't read stories and come up with funny ideas then your life will be like a roller coaster that just goes straight forward.

Happiness is created, but not from money, a job that you aren't passionate for or anything that any person could ever buy. Happiness is created by you and the experiences you create for yourself. An example of parenting gone too far is planning your kid's life, job and passions. This is something I firmly disagree with. Pressure is what creates stress. When you grow up you will be pressured to find a good job,act mature and get married. Paying bills,your job and having a family is the only thing you will worry about when you get older.On the other hand stress about responsibilities, work and bills and not get to spend enough time with love Ones. If you only stress and do not give yourself a break from it then you won't be happy in the future

From my debate on this topic I learned that not every job is based on politics, businesses, construction, sales  or studies. There are jobs that require you to be creative, do the things you love, HAVE FUN, like being an author, an artist, a film creator, an athlete, a chef and tons of other stuff too. Parents in a recent  online poll admitted they are concerned their children are growing up too quickly, And almost 80 per cent of parents blamed trends on the internet and or social media , More than 70 per cent of children under 12 now search the web unsupervised While a typical 10 year old has an iPad and a TV in their bedroom. Kids today grow up so quickly and it has its advantages, but is it really mentally healthy or physically healthy for a kids future? An advantage for kids growing up quicker is being able to have an  understanding of "adult issues" (like politics/economics) It can make your life a lot easier in the future. It helps so much to see reasons for other people's words, actions, and requirements in the future.I don’t think that it  is healthy for kids to grow up too quickly because it can cause social issues in their  future life. This topic is so very important for kids today because kids grow up so fast and they don't have as long of a childhood, because of social media in my opinion. kids think they're “too old” for reading little books and fantasy stories, and can cause kids to limit their creativity ,and lots of jobs and school subjects require you to be creative.